iChat Borderless


Leopard is coming! 25 Jul 2007

Since leopard is coming, I will not be updating this anymore. The iChat in leopard will have a borderless look on it’s own.

I do suggest to any mac user to meddle around with the .nib files inside Cocoa applications and see if you can move stuff where you might want it. It’s fun.

24 Jul 2007

iChat Borderless is an installer which replaces four files in the Resources folder inside iChat to give it a more streamlined look, similar to iTunes.

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This technique looks best when used in conjunction with Max Themes’ smooth stripes theme available at http://www.maxthemes.com

iChat Borderless currently only works with English versions.

If you want to install the four .nib files yourself, you can download them separately.

Note: Only list items below with a green check mark are actually implemented.

FAQ 25 Apr 2007

1. Why do I still see brushed metal?

This installer does not change any of your systems resource forks, images, or theme iChat; it only replaces four .nib files that I have worked on for a few minutes moving stuff so the borders do not show anymore.

2. Will you ever update this to be even better or include XYZ?

Probably not, but who knows what boredom can do. You can open any .nib file and move stuff around, so give it a try. I once made my Mail.app have the widescreen panes like Outlook, that installer is gone however.

3. What is the Apple Video Test Bot?

There are three of them. They let you test to make sure any connection problems are not on your end (firewall, etc):

4. Will you do this for the Finder, iCal, XYZ app?

Probably not. The Finder doesn’t have any .nib files and I am not that adventurous. I tried to do iCal once, but the custom views made it very hard to resize/move anything. Give it a try, it’s fun.

5. What if I have problems?

You can email me. There are lots of sites that google knows about that have my email available on them.

Version 0.1 19 Jul 2006

  • Created an installer which picks up four .nib files and places them into /Applications/iChat.app/Contents/Resources/English.lproj/
  • Tested on my machine only, running 10.4.7 and iChat 3.1.5 (v436)